Sometimes when the mood is right and the wood cooperates we have a few holiday related pieces.

REF#20200116 Autumn is here! Time to bring in the scarecrow and wait on Halloween to arrive. This piece measures approx 4 1/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide. 

REF#20200117 A sweet little smiling pumpkin! Whether for the first trick or treat outing or as a gift this one is unique. The piece measures approx 3" tall x 1 1/2" wide. 

REF#20200118 Busy farmer guy for Autumn. Farmers start enjoying the season come fall when the garden is finished producing and the crops are harvested. Looking forward to winter and long deserved rest. The piece measures approx 3" tall x 1 1/4" wide. Antiqued.

REF#20200119 All dressed up and going to go see what trouble is out there on the night for trick or treating. Prepared with the loot candy bag too. This piece measures approx  3" tall x 1 1/4" wide.

REF#20200120 Old tyme Santa Claus getting ready to check the list and head out! He's a thin one ....hey he has to fit down chimneys!  A gloss finish for the holidays. The piece measures approx 6" tall x a touch wider than 1".

REF#20200121 Pinecone ornament hand carved from Basswood. Antiqued. Basswood is light enough that it makes great Christmas tree ornaments! Piece measures approx 4" tall x 1 1/2" wide. 

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