Wood spirits are age old designs. Wood spirits inhabit the forests of the world. In medieval times it was believed the dark woods were inhabited by unfriendly spirit beings. It was thought when a person travelled through the dark forests that they angered the wood spirits within, This belief was born out when a traveller did not return after entering the wood. In order to appease the wood spirits a traveller would carry a small carving of the wood spirit on their person. It was pleasing and an honor to show the wood spirits they were believed in and they left the traveller alone to be on his way.  Carrying a wood spirit carving had become to be known as good luck. 

This wood spirit was hand carved in North Carolina.  The wood spirit is approx 3" tall. There is a magnet and a wire loop on the back of the piece. It can be hung form the loop or affixed to any steel surface. Carved from Basswood, a native hardwood found in North Carolina.  This is one of the simpler basic wood spirits we carve. Finished with boiled linseed oil. He's a little guy with a powerful spirit.

This wood spirit is priced at $9.00 + shipping. We only ship within the 48 lower US states. For hawaii and Alaska please inquire for shipping rates.

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