Some things to know about our stained glass art ...
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from the studio boss ...

  • We have created stained glass art for many occasions. It is always appropriate and in good taste to gift stained glass art pieces. Creations have included birthdays, anniversaries, remembrances, awards, heartfelt gifts, Thank you gifts, event handouts, get-well gifts, and more. 

  • Our studio in the barn is not open to the public. If we are working with you on a commission piece we would meet you here if you are local to us. Most of the pieces we create are accomplished through email and/or a phone call.

  • Our specialty are stained glass panels that are intended to be displayed in front of an existing window in your home or business. 
  • We do not make the actual glass. We purchase sheet glass in the colors and textures needed to create each art piece.

  • We do not sell sheet glass. Try Hobby Lobby they carry a limited selection for the public.

  • The process to create stained glass art follows a process that can change but usually follows a few steps-

    • Draw a cartoon (pattern) to work from and make many copies.

    • Cut out all cartoon pieces.

    • Adhere all cartoon pieces to the proper glass it will created from.

    • Cut the glass pieces out following the cartoon.

    • Fit all pieces and adjust as needed.

    • Foil the edges of all pieces with copper foil.

    • Layout and dry fit all the pieces of glass together to see the image completely.

    • Adjust glass by grinding or cutting as necessary.

    • Solder all the pieces together.

    • Create a frame of Zinc metal around the piece and solder together and to the glass piece itself as needed.

    • Clean the glass piece. Cleaning is a huge detailed undertaking and must be done between each step above (and below) to create a successful piece.

    • Apply patina. 

    • Apply stained glass finishing/polishing compound and buff to a high luster.

      We're sure we left out a few steps in the process but this gives you an idea.


    • Anything you see on our site can be recreated as a unique piece. Due to the properties of the stained glass itself no two pieces are alike though they may be of the same pattern. Glass varies widely as to what is available and when. Colors and textures vary widely. Your piece will be unique. Most anything you can imagine can be created in a stained glass panel.

  • Creating a piece of stained glass art is a labor intensive undertaking. No you cannot have it tomorrow.

  • Lead times vary. In GENERAL we quote 4-8 weeks for a piece to be created once it the deposit is received. Holidays seriously extend lead times unless your work is already scheduled.

  • Each piece we create is unique due the properties of the glass we use.

  • Our standard to commission a piece to be created requires a nonrefundable deposit.
  • When you commission a piece of art glass we will work with you to ensure the final piece is beautiful.

  • Most of our work is now by referral only we do not advertise anywhere.

  • There is no set pricing for a piece of stained glass. There are too many variables involved. We'll discuss it.

  • We have shipped our stained glass art successfully all over the world. Shipping and handling is an additional cost on top of the purchase price. Taxes and any costs associated with import are the the buyer's responsibility. In the case of import fees the buyer must inquire with the proper authorities in their own country.

  • We will not remove stained glass from any building or structure. The piece is shipped/brought to us to be repaired.​​

  • Older stained glass pieces can usually be repaired.